10 Cruise Blogs I Can’t Live Without

This May I’m par­tic­i­pat­ing in some­thing called the Word­Count Blo­gathon. It’s basi­cally a group of writ­ers who have chal­lenged each other to post each and every day of the month. Today every mem­ber of the Blo­gathon is writ­ing about the same topic: 10 blogs we can’t live with­out. This was an easy post to write! There are tons of excel­lent blogs devoted to cruise travel. Here are just a few of my favorites.

10 Cruise Blogs I Return to Again and Again
  1. USA Today Cruise Log
    Gene Sloan runs the cruise cov­er­age at USA Today news­pa­per and his blog touches upon every­thing and any­thing that’s cruise related. He’s got quite a fol­low­ing and pas­sion­ate con­ver­sa­tions start on the blog and mes­sage board.
  • Cruise Diva’s Blog
    Linda Coff­man, aka the Cruise Diva, is some­one to lis­ten to when it comes to cruise advice. She’s the author of many Fodor’s travel guide­books, includ­ing The Com­plete Guide to Caribbean Cruises, co-author of Fodor’s The Com­plete Guide to Euro­pean Cruises, and con­tributes to Fodor’s Caribbean Ports of Call, Alaska Ports of Call, Euro­pean Ports of Call, Bermuda, Greece, and Greek Isles guidebooks.
  • Same Ship Dif­fer­ent Day
    Writ­ten by Regent Seven Seas cruise direc­tor Jamie Logan, this blog shares news from around the globe via text and photos.
  • Avid Cruiser
    Ralph Griz­zle is the Avid Cruiser and he spends more time on cruise ships than he does at home. He blogs, uploads arti­cles, and has a ter­rific archive of pho­tos, videos, and podcasts.
  • SeaDream’s Blog
    This one is a cor­po­rate blog, but I really like the friendly tone. It’s a great way to stay con­nected to the hap­pen­ings at SeaD­ream Yacht Club. There’s an entire sec­tion devoted to SeaDream’s captains—Terje Willassen, Bjarne Smorawski, Val­ter Berg, and Johan Dyrnes.
  • Sil­versea Sil­ver Spirit Blog
    Sil­versea launched Sil­ver Spirit in Jan­u­ary and this blog enlight­ens trav­el­ers about every aspect of the ship. I espe­cially like how they upload pho­tos from ports of call that Sil­ver Spirit has vis­ited. Last month she was in my neck of the woods: New York City.
  • Yacht’s of Seabourn Blog
    Seabourn’s blog often relies on pho­tos to com­mu­ni­cate the essence of a jour­ney on one of its yachts. I like the pho­tos from actual sail­ings because it helps let me know what to expect on a sim­i­lar itin­er­ary. For exam­ple, who knew you could enjoy after­noon tea in the desert at Sharm el Sheikh, Egypt?
  • Expert Cruiser
    Anita Dunham-Potter man­ages this blog/website that often breaks cruise news and reports on con­tro­ver­sial top­ics. You’ll also see Anita’s byline at MSNBC.com as well as a vari­ety of news­pa­pers and magazines.
  • The Lazy Sea-Dreamer
    Writ­ten by a pas­sen­ger, this blog will teach you just about every­thing you need to know about cruis­ing with SeaD­ream Yacht Club. It’s an excel­lent resource!
  • This Is My Yacht
    Here’s a cruise blog from travel agent Eric Goldring’s per­spec­tive. He caters to the lux­ury mar­ket and is incred­i­bly knowl­edge­able about many of the cruise lines you’re most inter­ested in learn­ing about. He also runs an infor­ma­tive mes­sage board.

There you have it: 10 of my favorite cruise blogs. I’d love to hear about your favorite sites too.

—Andrea M. Rotondo for LuxuryCruiseBible.com
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  1. This is great! Thanks, Andrea. If I ever go on a cruise, I will know where to go for tips, etc. (Besides your blog, of course!)

  2. ~Carole says:

    Hi Andrea!

    Thanks so much for the mention!

    I’m thrilled that The Lazy SeaD­reamer made your list of amaz­ing cruise blogs.


    The Lazy SeaD­reamer Blog

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