Don’t you wish you were sail­ing aboard this ship as it sailed under London’s Tower Bridge, where the 2012 Olympic Rings are promi­nently dis­played! This is Silversea’s Sil­ver Cloud at the tail end of a 16-day voy­age from Copen­hagen to London.

Upon arrival to Tower Bridge, port author­i­ties needed to raise the Olympic Rings so Sil­ver Cloud could safely sail beneath the bridge (see photo at left).

Guests were treated to a once-in-a-lifetime sail-in with spec­tac­u­lar views as the city of Lon­don read­ied itself for the Olympic Games.

In the pic­ture below, the ship is tied up along­side the HMS Belfast.

Sil­ver Cloud departed Lon­don last night for a 9-day sold-out voy­age from Lon­don to Reyk­javik, Iceland.